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Behind the Lens

Thank you for stopping by!  We are a husband and wife photography team who have been in business for about 8 years, although we have both had an interest and have been exposed to photography our entire lives.

Ross' love of photography began at a young age, but when we got married (12 years ago) he began to really enjoy nature photography in particular. We travel quite a bit and his camera literally became an extension of his arm. Upon the return from a trip to Central America, he enrolled in a number of college photography classes, working with film (using my father's vintage 35mm camera) and then learned the finer points of digital photography. I have always enjoyed photography myself and actually grew up watching and helping my father in our basement darkroom, where he developed his own black and white photos. As I got older and began to travel quite a bit myself, I picked up on my father's hobby of always having a camera around my neck, capturing the different places I was fortunate to visit, and the friends I met along the way.

Once Ross completed his college courses, he began to invest in a substantial amount of digital equipment (Nikon),  and shortly after that was asked to photograph a friend's wedding. It was during that time he realized how much he enjoyed working with people, getting a glimpse into their lives, and documenting their most important moments. What an honor to be asked to do so! As more requests started coming in we took the leap and here we are 8 years later!

Ross is the creative force in the business - he is THE photographer, the one who initially had the interest, the skill and the ambition to turn his passion into a thriving business. I work as Ross' second shooter, so I accompany him on most every shoot and I also handle all of the behind the scenes "stuff" ... meaning, the office work! We work very well together and make a good team ... each of us with different strengths, which compliment each other and help keep things flowing smoothly.

We would love to talk with you to get to know you better, hear about your plans and discuss your photography needs.  Please feel free to contact us!

Ross + Mary

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